Hi, on this post I want to bring to you my backup solution, at least of the most important files I have.

First of all I have a home server where I have some VM’s. To store my files I actually have a two seagate Ironwolf disks of 2 TB each in raid 1. I actually have a lot of more hard drives, but this 2 TB have all the family photos, videos and work that I have done trough the years.

More than that I have a 2 TB external hard drive where I make a backup all months from the main share. But even with this setup if some disaster happens I would probably lose all my data.

With that in mind, I wanted a solution to back up the data to a remote location. After many hours of searching and after trying some solutions. I actually found out that the best solution for me would be owning a Storage VPS and rsync all my data every night.

To make that possible, I used a storage server from liteserver.nl, and rsync to sync all my data. An example of the script is below.

#bin/bash rsync -aHAXxv --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i <private_key> -T -o Compression=no -x" <source_folder> <username>@<server>:<destination_folder

Then I set crontab on linux to run every night

30 2 * * * /path/to/the/file

This is a simple setup to backup your files. Not very complex but quite good. I know that there are very other ways to backup your files and another services that offer better solutions. But with a simple solution I could have all my home devices broken and still have access to my files.

Another way that keeps you from paying a monthly subscription would be by buying a raspberry pi and an hard drive and ask one friend or family member to host it.

I hope you liked this post. Even tho this is my first attempt to publish something like this.

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